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Looking for music online? If you are in a hurry and want to listen to a piece of classical music, try YouTube.

The first place you should look for any public-domain classical music scores or parts is the amazing
International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP)

The New York Philharmonic Digital Archive has scanned an enormous amount of performing material.

The complete Neue-Mozart-Ausgabe (critical edition of the works of Mozart) is now online.

some music files from my own archives, free for your viewing, playing, and listening pleasure:

Concerto VI  in D Major, after Alessandro Scarlatti, by Charles Avison (pdf)
score (figured) (2.5MB!) | score (no figures)
violino primo concertino | violino secondo concertino | violoncello
violino primo ripieno | violino secondo ripieno | alto viola | basso ripieno

Ouverture in G minor, attrib. to W. F. Bach (ascribed to J.S. in the old Bach-Gesellschaft) (pdf)
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